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Virtual Residency recording (audio only)

Audio-only recording from the virtual residency webinar on 11/13/2018

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Virtual Residency video recording

Recording of the 11/13/2018 virtual residency presentation.

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VR_Faculty Meeting 6.15.2018_zoom_0

1st Meeting of Faculty to discuss Virtual Residency for the Year of the Indigenous Peoples

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EET Webinar Series: Special! HelpDesk questions answered! 5/17/18

In this very special installment of the EdTech Webinar series. We will address the most frequently asked questions, from faculty to the Helpdesk, with regard to EdTech at Empire State College! This…

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Video of the 2018 Yards for Yeardley event and the Student Wellness Retreat, held at the Desmond Hotel as part of the Student Wellness Retreat.

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