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EET Webinar Series- Using Turnitin - 4/19/18

Norana Cantrell, educational technologist based in the Brooklyn and Staten Island regions, will be offering a synchronous virtual training session on Turnitin. Did you know that the college provides…

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EET Webinar: Accessibility- 12/16/17

This webinar, led by Educational Technologist Shaun Hoppel, aims to create a culture of best practice at ESC by outlining what the ADA and Section 508 demand versus the ideals of the Universal Design…

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Accessibility in Word and PowerPoint - Monday, October 16, 2017 11 AM

Accessibility in Word and PowerPoint - Monday, October 16, 2017 11 AM

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Middle States Webcast 11/4/2009

Middle States Webcast 11/4/2009

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EET Webinar: Uses of ESC’s for Pedagogical Engagement- 4/27/17

The EdTech Webinar series is proud to present our webinar entitled “Uses of ESC’s for Pedagogical Engagement.” This webinar is Thursday, April 27th, from 12 PM to 1 PM…

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TOEP Webinar Citation Management - S. . . - Thursday, February 16, 2017

The Tools of Engagement Project (TOEP) series of webinars will explore using technology in teaching. These webinars will be certain to help you find creative ways to enhance teaching and learning…

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Simulations Webinar - 02/07/17

Part of the TOEP Webinar Series, this webinar discusses simulations and how they fit into online and blended teaching. Learning how emerging technologies allow for seamless integration of both…

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Using Blogs and Wikis in Teaching and Learning - 01/20/17

Rhianna Rogers introduces the differences and similarities between blogs and wikis and how they can be used with your students. Specific tools like Blogger, Wordpress, and Wikipedia are discussed. …

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Create Video to Enhance Teaching and Learning with LEARNscape - Foote

Academic video can transform teaching and learning by creating personal connections, improving comprehension, and freeing up time with our students for meaningful and authentic learning activities.…

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