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EET in Action - Accessibility

EET in Action video about accessibility

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Promo for Course Development Webinar Series ('17-'18)

The Course Development Webinar Series starts September 20th! To register for that webinar or any of the following webinars, fill out the Course Development Webinar Registration Form.

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Accessibility in Course Design Webinar Clip #3: Repurpose Existing Accessible Materials

This is a clip from the December 2016 Instructional Design Webinar about Accessibility in Course Design, which was presented by two of the Undergraduate Online Instructional Designers.

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TOEP Webinar Productivity Tools 3/1/2017

The EdTech Webinar series is proud to present our TOEP webinar entitled “Productivity Tools”. This webinar is Wednesday, March 1st, from 12 PM to 1 PM. The Tools of Engagement Project…

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Primary, Secondary and Tertiary Sources

Short video on different types of information sources in terms of how they are related to the event or phenomenon they are talking about. In other words, primary sources are direct evidence,…

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Create Video to Enhance Teaching and Learning with LEARNscape - Foote

Academic video can transform teaching and learning by creating personal connections, improving comprehension, and freeing up time with our students for meaningful and authentic learning activities.…

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Recruiter Slideshow

This video introduces prospective students to SUNY Empire State College, its mission, a brief history, and the student experience while attending the college. Created on 1/26/2016.

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