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EET Webinar Series Turning an Existing Resource into an Open Educational Resource 12-13-18

As SUNY continues to encourage the use of Open Educational Resources (OER) to reduce the overall cost of the college experience, you may be thinking, "what can I do?" Do you have tools and…

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EET Webinar Series: Special! HelpDesk questions answered! 5/17/18

In this very special installment of the EdTech Webinar series. We will address the most frequently asked questions, from faculty to the Helpdesk, with regard to EdTech at Empire State College! This…

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College Council Meeting, Feb. 14, 2018

Video from the Feb. 14, 2018, College Council meeting held at 2 Union Ave., Saratoga Springs, N.Y.

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Powerful Powerpoint Presentations

In this video, the narrator describes 5 common mistakes people make when creating a presentation and how to avoid them. The video also presents a few tips on using PowerPoint that will help make your…

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Using Blogs and Wikis in Teaching and Learning - 01/20/17

Rhianna Rogers introduces the differences and similarities between blogs and wikis and how they can be used with your students. Specific tools like Blogger, Wordpress, and Wikipedia are discussed. …

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Presentations Webinar 2/25/16

In this second webinar of the TOEP series, Rhianna Rogers and Kelsey Foote discuss various presentation creation tools like Prezi and Emaze, engagement tools like Wordle and Poll Everyone, and…

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Lifelong Learning Webinar 2/18/16

Rhianna Rogers and Kelsey Foote discuss the definition of lifelong learning, the habits of lifelong learners, and current trends in instructional technology through the context of the Tools of…

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Conserving Energy Around the Home

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Columbia Business School:Video as a Marketing Tool in Education

Like many universities, Columbia Business School began using video to capture classes and make them available to students for later viewing. However, the school's marketing and communication…

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